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What to expect during and after your installation

This information is very important, please read this thoroughly and feel free to ask any questions you may have.
  • YOUR PROPERTY BECOMES A CONSTRUCTION SITE:First, please remember that during your installation, your home or business will be a construction site. While we do everything possible to keep your property clean and orderly during the installation process, some dirt, fingerprints, equipment, supplies and packaging should be expected. We use tarps and other protective equipment to help protect your property and upon completion of the job, we will clean any mess related to the installation.

  • PERMITTING AND INSPECTION:A permit is required on all of our installations (unless otherwise informed before the signing of the contract). We will obtain the permit for you and add the cost to the final bill. We will let you know when the installation is ready for inspection but it is up to you to call for, schedule and attend the inspection. If the inspector finds anything in need of repair (that is not excluded from our contract) please call us to schedule a time for all repairs to be completed. If there are code violations that do not result from our installation or were to be performed by other contractors in regards to what is specifically excluded from our contract, you will need to contact a company in that field to perform those repairs.

  • CONTRACT AND FINAL PAYMENT:Please read your contract thoroughly before you sign it. It states in your contract that a 10% deposit is due before equipment can be ordered and that the remaining 90% is due upon completion. Unless other arrangements have been made beforehand, your installation team will expect to collect final payment before leaving the site on the final day of the installation.

  • EXCLUSIONS AND CHANGE ORDERS:Unless it is specifically stated on your bid and contract, all construction work, including woodwork, drywall patching and repairing from normal installation procedures, stucco, painting, electrical, most plumbing, trimming and finish work including access openings is excluded and will not be performed by Total Heating & Air. If, during the course of the installation, it is discovered that the job will exceed the original estimate due to unforeseen circumstances, we will issue a change order with the new price which will be signed by you and our office.

  • SCHEDULING AND DELAYS:Any estimates given to you regarding how long your installation will take are only estimates. There are many factors that may change the actual installation time. These include unforeseen delays caused by the job itself, such as extra work and a more difficult work environment. There are many things that cannot be predicted and remain unknown until after the work has begun. We will try to give you a completion time that is as accurate as possible, but please be aware that there are situations beyond our control. Another possible factor is delays in receiving necessary equipment or parts. When parts are on backorder or manufacturers turn around times and shipping times are slow, this will be reflected in your installation times. While we do everything we can to expedite this process, and get estimated times of arrival on all parts, there are times when parts delays will delay your installation.

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY:We value all of the feedback we receive from our clients. Please call and let us know any thoughts you are having on our service and installation. We pride ourselves on our desire to continue to achieve excellent customer service. If we are to continue to improve and perfect our company, we need to hear from all of our customers. If you see something that you do not approve of, please call our office (805) 966-6823 immediately so that we can quickly take corrective actions. We need to know issues as they are happening so that we are able to resolve them the same day they are reported. The same goes for any compliments you may wish to extend to our staff. We work quickly to fix any issues and will use all comments to continue to improve in every way that we can.

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